Mousecoin Community Fund


As a member of the Mousecoin community, you may or may not be aware that Mousecoin began with no central funding account (MIC3 or any other Crypto for that matter), like a community account that we use to fund the various costs associated with keeping Mousecoin alive. Mousecoin is community driven, with most of the current actual costs associated with running the Mousecoin network and associated websites (the backbone of the network) being personally funded by the developer and a couple of members, while all of the funds used for giveaways etc have been donated by community members. While this worked perfectly in the past, as the community began to grow it became increasingly more complex to organise and orchestrate. It was because of this that the Community Fund was created, finally giving Mousecoin a community MIC3 account in order to quickly, effectively, honestly and easily have access to funds to distribute for competitions, bounties & giveaways, and also as a central point we could use to raise funds for exchange listings (where the exchange doesn't offer the service themselves). This community fund will also be used to fund the faucet on the website (when completed).

The Community Fund Account is currently held at 4STAKE.COM. The idea behind the fund is basic; people can donate some Mousecoin (or other available crypto) to the community fund, this crypto is then either staked or leased on 4STAKE.COM so that it can always be earning interest. These funds will then be used to fund the faucet for the website, as well as for new bounties, giveaways, competitions and exchange listings. All outgoing transactions will be decided on by the Community in a vote. To receive up to date information for the Mousecoin Community Fund, join the Telegram channel: You can also click on the "Account Ledger" links below for each coin to see a full list of donations, rewards and withdrawals.

Updated 02:35:14 Monday 24th February 2020 GMT